Storage Tips

Protect your storage items from unnecessary damage.
 Save yourself from additional work by following these suggestions.

Cardboard Storage Boxes for Storage Units

Storage Boxes - Storage Units Storage Tips Mark contents on boxes.
Storage Tips Pack heavier items in the bottom of boxes, heavier boxes at the bottom of storage areas.
Storage Tips Store clothes and lighter items inside appliances and dressers to save space.
Storage Tips Pack books flat in small boxes so they will be easier to lift.
Storage Tips Put items you are likely to need often near the front of storage.
Storage Tips Leave a path to the back of your unit and space around the edges.
Storage Tips Place valuables near the back in unmarked storage boxes.
Storage Tips Drain gasoline from power equipment.
Storage Tips Store mirrors and pictures on their edges and pad them well.
Storage Tips Stand long items such as couches on end to save space.

Storage Units - Jackson Michigan

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